Witness to the Illuminati

Witness to the Illuminati


The time has come for me to tell my story. It is with great trepidation that I commence my revelation and cease 20 years of procrastination, while at once being fully cognizant that this outcome was predetermined all those many moons ago.

My story begins much like so many others, yet quickly veers off into territory that many, if not most reading this will find difficult or impossible to believe, and yet, it is true to the best of my ability to relate it to you now.

But this reaction, I have come to understand is both this conspiracy’s greatest strength and simultaneously it’s biggest weakness for most people simply are too fearful to entertain it’s merits and give it true consideration due to the inherent horrors involved. At the same time, it’s facts are easily proven by the conspirators own open admission and confirmed by simple truths for those brave souls fearless enough to engage it’s possibility.

The reality is that the truth of the matter is easy enough to determine for those who possess the courage to see. Unfortunately, most do not, and this human failing is fully exploited by this deeply malevolent cabal who rely heavilly on people’s own internal defense mechanism’s to thwart them from discerning the truth and instead obfuscate their perceptions through cognitive dissonance and refusing to accept a prima facie reality that should be obvious to all but the most willfully ignorant among us.

It has been said that “the truth shall set you free.” Whether that shall come to pass remains to be seen, but the truth is all I have left. Take it as you will with this proviso: I make no promises or guarantees. All I can do is relate my story as best I can. What you decide to do with the information is up to you, it always has been. Live in love and freewill, or die as slaves- the choice is up to you. But make no mistake, that choice is coming for every living, breathing soul on this planet, and it is imminent.


My childhood, with a few pointed exceptions, was normal like most but punctuated by an intense desire to be a filmmaker. I felt driven to relate deep and hidden knowledge to the world at large and aid with what has now become popularly known as “The Awakening”… and film was to be my chosen medium.

This goal was carried into adulthood until I decided that the time had come to author my Magnum Opus. I had always been fascinated by science fiction and space-themed movies and had every intention of penning such a tale, but on the advice of a guerilla filmmaking book decided that such a story would be prohibitively expensive to produce on my own with a shoestring budget so I opted instead for a political thriller in the vein of “North by Northwest” and “Three Days of the Condor” set in and around Washington D.C. where I was residing at the time to take advantage of the scenery.

The common thread between these two films is a protagonist, who, seemingly by accident, (but in reality as a result of divine provenance) stumbles upon a forbidden secret and before he realizes what has happened finds himself embroiled in a shadowy conspiracy and being pursued by dark and sinister forces intent on his demise- the proverbial “Man Who Knows Too Much”… a common theme in Alfred Hitchcock’s best, and most enduring films.

But that’s where the similarity between those films and mine ends. For in my vision this deep, dark secret is guarded by a shadowy cabal. A cult. With bizarre rituals and deep esoteric symbology and archetypes stretching back into antiquity. And one archetype above all. A man who does not even realize who he is until he is immersed in the game and only then comes to realize his power… a man who was prophesized to save the world. A world which is more than it seems. This was my protagonist. The hero.

His name was… “The One”.